About Me And Mine

I am a 29 year old mom with 3 kids (Blake, Shelby and Lea). I LOVE reading. I read any and everywhere I can and always have a book with me.....shhhh don't tell anyone but I even read at the red lights (I have spotters who watch for then the light turns green) and walking through stores (luckly I haven't walked into anyone). Right now my TBR list is so long and it grows more as each day passes......What can I say I find something new everytime I get on Facebook or Goodreads.

Bub will be 11 in January. Sometimes I can get him to read but only if it suits him (like getting outta chores). I did find that he likes reading the Magic Tree House Books which is a great set of books for kids!! This boy is going to grow up to be a Lawyer...He will argue the point of something til he's blue in the face even when he knows he's wrong! He's also starting his 3rd year in Boy Scouts!!!!!!!!

Sis is my lil go-get em girl (unless she's mad). Shelby just turned 9 in October. This girl LOVES to read especially when it has something to do with fairies (a girl after my own heart). This summer she beat alot of the boys on my son's softball team around the field...She's very athletic!! She made the AB Honor Roll last year in 2nd grade. I will tell ya what though if she get's pissed off you better watch out cause she has a temper, just like her Daddy lol. She is also in her 3rd year of Girl Scouts!!!

Ahhhh my lil story teller!!!!!!! Runt (Lea) just turned 8 in December. This girl LOVES to make up stories! It could be about how her day went at school to the weather outside to some major off the wall topic. She is still learning some of the major's of reading and writing but once she does WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!!!! She will be the next big Author!!! She too is in her 3rd year of Girl Scouts!!!