Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller

OMFG.......those of you who haven't read her book yet...WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?????????????
Give me a sec have to grab a Fast Break and a Pepsi............
Ok so where was I...Gracen (see I spelled your name right HAHAHA)Miller did a F'in Kick Ass job writing this book!!!!!!! I would be walking around Wal-Mart reading it and just start laughing or saying a lil louder then I should have "You f'in bastard" (and yes I was talking about Micah)!

The characters she presented in this book are strong and for the most part lovable.
In the beginning Mads (Madison), a single mom of an adorable little boy (Amos), shows how strong she is by holding it together and never giving up when her son turns demonic. Through out the book she grows even stronger showing that a mother is willing to put herself threw hell to protect her child.
Now enter Nix (Phoenix). A sexy Sherlock who has come to try and help Mads and Amos figure out what is going on. He's cocky, handsome, protective and did I already say sexy???
Last but very least, Micah. When she brought him into the book I wanted to choke the life outta him. He is such a dick who thinks he can always have what he wants. Little does he know........

I am impatiently waiting for Book 2 in this Road To Hell Series


  1. Great review! Love Pandora's Box too! And very excited for the next!

  2. *smiling from ear to ear* This book was AWESOME, I love it and sit tapping my toes trying to be patient enough to wait for the next. The only thing is...I fell in love with Micah before Pandora's Box came out (from reading Madison's Life Lessons). Even though he was a total jerk, I still couldn't hate him. But oh my goodness, Nix...yep he has also wormed his way into my heart, and I think he and Mads make an awesome couple.

  3. I'm reading the life lessons now. I can truely see him manipulating her....and her "mother" WOW, I would love to wring her neck

  4. I am sorry to say I haven't read it. Sounds good tho. I fell the books I am reading now are sooooo bland...


  5. Oh Mary you should!!!!!!!!!!! I can promise you this book is soooooo not bland!!