Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malevolent Spirit by Pauline Holyoak

Malevolent Spirit (Merryweather Lodge, # 2)Malevolent Spirit by Pauline Holyoak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading this book was like watching a scary movie...ya know the kind i mean where your yelling at the screen "DONT GO IN THE BASEMENT YA DUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Ya know whats gonna happen especially with the chants you have been hearing!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yeah that kind of movie.
Wow all the stuff that happens in this book was dreadful!! I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!
I do believe I finally have an opinion of Jonathan.....Even though he likes to act like nothing is going on he steps up to the plate when it really matters!!!!!!! I think I understand why everyone likes Skye...she's so easy to get along with and so likable. Poor Emily =( I feel so sorry for her having to deal with everything that has been happening! Half the time she cant tell if shes seeing things or if its all real.
I can't wait to dig into book 3 to see what happens!!!!!

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  1. Thank you Misty, so glad you liked them. Watch for book three, due to be released in the fall.